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Emergency Management
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Membership grades

Joining the ICPEM gives members the opportunity to network with experienced practitioners & academics in the fields of civil protection, emergency management, resilience & associated disciplines. The Institute aims to keep members informed of news & events through various media, including its journal, ‘Alert’, occasional specialist research papers, the web site, special interest groups & conferences. All applications are individually assessed by or on behalf of the Executive Council.  


Student Members must be no less than 18 years old and undertaking full or part time education within emergency management or related domains at the under or post-graduate level.
Subscription: Free of charge

Free First Year Student Membership - All students who fulfil the requirements for general Student membership above are entitled to free Membership of the Institute for their first academic year. To apply, please download the 'First Year Student' application form using the link to the right.


Associate Members must be no less than 21 years old and, whilst not possessing the qualifications or experience to attain the grade of Member, have an interest in the objectives of the Institute.

Subscription: £40 per year


Member grade is for those practising or professionals in the emergency planning or disaster management disciplines.

Subscription: £50 per year


Fellows may be appointed subject to reaching the age of 25 and;

  1. having been a Member of the Institute for one year and whose experience and background are such that the Executive Council considers such an individual warrants the appointment of Fellow; or
  2. whom the Executive Council considers should be admitted in this grade given their background and experience.

Subscription: £60 per year

Professional designations

Members are entitled to use the post-nominal designation, MICPEM and Fellows, FICPEM

Membership enquiries

Payment can be made by Direct Debit, PayPal, or direct bank transfer or via the payment widget below: