Institute of Civil Protection and
Emergency Management
Uniting Academics with Professionals to
Promote Excellence in Civil Protection


The Mission of the Institute

'To bring together emergency professionals, academics and business, in order to provide an informed and influential voice on all aspects of civil protection and emergency management'

The Vision of the Institute

‘To be an independent and collaborating forum from which emergency professionals, academics and business will collectively champion civil protection and emergency management.’

The Objectives of the Institute

  • To promote public safety and to protect the lives and property of citizens Worldwide
  • To advance education in the science or art of civil protection
  • To provide for the relief of poverty, sickness and distress among those who shall be the victims of or suffer from the effects or aftermath of enemy attacks on civilian populations and/or disasters and emergencies in wartime and peacetime
  • To foster international communication and cooperation in all aspects of civil protection and emergency management
  • To promote the highest standards of study and research into all aspects of emergencies and disasters
  • To promote, and assist in, the education and training of all members of the emergency management community including the wider business continuity profession
  • To represent the views of its members to government and other bodies
  • To act as a repository for information for the benefit of members and others
  • To disseminate recognised research and information which could beneficially influence public and private emergency management practices

Please click here to view the current Constitution of The ICPEM: pdf  ICPEM Constitution (1.25 MB)