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Blue Light Special Interest Group

Terms of Reference


1. These Terms of Reference cover all matters relating to the setup, governance, running and operation of the ICPEM Blue Light Special Interest Group (SIG).

2. Contained are the guidelines for the efficient running of the SIG, These are not prescriptive but departures from them should be approved in advance by the Institute’s Executive Council.


3. SIGs have a vital role to play in providing business and educational benefits to members and other interested parties. In particular, the objectives of the Blue Light SIG are to:

3:1. Encourage study and research into the role of the various services that go to make up the Blue Light Services as it relates to civil protection and emergency management and, if appropriate, to publish the results of any such study and research;

3:2. Provide a supportive and learning environment for group members and to share learning, including the dissemination of good practice and lessons identified, as part of an active communications strategy;

3:3 Enable members, both past and present, of the Blue Light Services to exchange ideas relevant to civil protection and emergency management, particularly as it affects the services that go to make up the Group.

3:4. Where appropriate, as part of its Communications Strategy, represent the Institute on working groups, committees, seminars and conferences set up to cover the areas which are of interest to the Group;

3:5. Develop a repository of articles which may be of interest/value to members of the Group;

3:6. Assist and support the Institute’s overall Mission, Vision and Objectives, including the publication of articles in the Institute’s journal, Alert.


Civil protection refers to procedures, systems and resources designed to protect the civilian population, primarily in the event of natural and human-made events, including terrorism and cyber attacks.

Emergency management means the range of activities designed to maintain control over crises and emergency situations and to provide a framework for helping at risk persons to avoid or recover from the impact of such events. It covers actions that are taken prior to, during and after such events.

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