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Historical Special Interest Group


Terms of Reference

The objectives of the Historical Special Interest Group (ISIG) are to:

  1. Further the understanding of the history of crises, disasters and emergencies, by:
  • encouraging study and research;
  • promoting the collection of historical accounts of past crises, disasters and emergencies;

(c) publishing historical accounts of crises, disasters and emergencies.

  • providing advice on historical aspects of crises, disasters and emergencies;
  1. Proactively promoting the Institute as a historical source through delivering presentations and attending relevant seminars and conferences.
  1. Assisting and supporting the Institute’s Mission and Vision by providing a representative forum for historical activities, including, where appropriate, the submission of research and other relevant articles to the Institute’s publications.
  1. Developing a repository of historical accounts within the Institute for the benefit of members. Note that members wishing to access the repository should use their existing Username and Password. If they do not have one, they should apply to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for both.
  1. Bringing to the notice of members historical sources of all aspects of civil protection and emergency management from which lessons can be identified.
  1. Reporting on the key activities of the Historical SIG to the Executive Council of the ICPEM.



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