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CSARN is the leading UK based business security and resilience membership network. Bringing together public and private sector leaders, as a not-for-profit enterprise, CSARN is an award winning business security and staff safety advisory service. We achieve this through providing business intelligence, educational networking events, training and specialist project management.

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Emergency Management & Resilience Centre (University of Wolverhampton)

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The Emergency Management & Resilience Centre at the University of Wolverhampton provides a full range of services in support of professionals within the field or those aspiring to enter it. This includes our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, training courses, events, an open access journal and consultancy services to name a few. We are an innovative team with a clear vision to provide closer working between practitioners, researchers and others with the emergency management and resilience field.

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Government Decontamination Service

gds-logoThe Government Decontamination Service (GDS) increases the UK’s capacity to resist and recover from deliberate and accidental releases of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) materials, and from major accidental releases of hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

We do this by providing advice, guidance, management support and contractual arrangements to support those who will be responsible for decontamination

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Reynolds Technological Inquiries (RTI Ltd)

rti-logoThe RTI group of companies is a well established multi-disciplined technical services consultancy specialising in accident and failure investigation as well as safety related applications and education. RTI’s experienced professionals serve clients representing high-exposure industries and transportation operations worldwide. We are known for our ability to conduct objective investigations as an independent third party and for providing practical solutions to private and public sector clients alike. RTI provides a one-stop-shop for marine and aviation accident investigation and offers unrivalled expertise in safety management consultancy, training and expert witness services. We offer truly multimodal expertise and are subject to peer reviews.

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Thames Ambulance Service


Thames Ambulance Service was established in 1996 by two ex-ambulancemen. Despite having just one vehicle there was an unprecedented demand for the quality service, which paved the way for the company that we see today. A service that now boasts a fleet in excess of fifty vehicles and employs efficient, friendly and caring staff. Working in conjunction with several NHS Trusts, The East of England Ambulance Service and the private sector.

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Yorkshire Air Ambulance

yaa-logoYorkshire Air Ambulance is an independent charity providing a life saving rapid response emergency service to 5 million people across Yorkshire. We fly seven days a week, 365 days a year, covering a vast landscape that not only includes major cities and motor ways, but also rural and isolated locations.

To keep providing this life saving service the charity needs to raise £7200 per day to keep both of Yorkshire’s Air Ambulances maintained and in the air. The generosity that we receive is the life blood of the charity and with out this generosity, we would not be able to provide the service that we are so proud of.

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