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Recovery From Disaster - Review

Recovery From DisasterThe response to disasters regularly dominates the news but the complex long-term process of recovery – providing shelter, rebuilding homes, restoring livelihoods and shattered lives - frequently fails attract the attention of the media and, indeed, the aid agencies themselves.

With almost 80 years of first-hand experience of disaster recovery between them, two Fellows of the Institute, Ian Davis (an architect) and David Alexander (a geographer), have drawn substantially on first-hand experiences in a variety of disaster recovery situations in China, Haiti, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan and the United States of America, to produce an important book on the whole of the recovery process.

Recovery from Disaster, has two important and unique features. Firstly, there are 21 models of disaster recovery, seven of which were specifically developed for the book. Secondly, there is a survey of expert opinion about the nature of effective disaster recovery – the first of its kind. More than 50 responses.

Recovery from disaster, explores the field and provides a concise, comprehensive source of knowledge for academics, architects, construction managers, engineers, relief and development officials and reconstruction planners involved with all sections of recovery, including shelter and rebuilding.